Quality Control Laborary

Quality Control Laborary - ERRE. G.M. srl

In order to guarantee and provide with the compound’s certificate composition with diagrams and rheometric curves, RGM  S.r.l. have at one’s disposal a modern research-development center and a quality control Laboratory within which are included scientific instruments technically current.

This center is operating in manifold research activities and development in order to study the customers compounds and the ours.

Moreover our technology allows us to support our customers with the necessary technical service either in the study of compounds or during the molding stage.

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

 The Laboratory RGM performs meticulous checks of raw materials, throughout the completion of the production process in a timely and products completed in order to confirm to its customers relevant quality standards.



The results of the tests are regulated by a specific software that certifies the traceability.


The constant refresher courses to which they are subjected Technicians are an added value in order to assure the customer competence, accuracy and credibility in preparation for the orderly development of tests all in full compliance with the current regulations.

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

Among the considerable range of tests carried out there are:

  • Mechanical Tests
  • Rheometric Tests
  • Hardness (Shore A - IRHD)
  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Abrasion
  • Compression Set
  • Tests in Ozone
  • Test at low temperature
  • Electrical Tests
  • Tests on Specific Customer Requirements

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

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