Research, Development & Production of Rubber Compounds

Research, Development & Production of Rubber Compounds - ERRE. G.M. srl

 RGM  S.r.l. company was established in 1987. In spite of his recent establishment has already remarkably increased his activity operating in the production of semi-finished and finished rubber.


The reasons for the immediate implementation are, without doubt, to be found in the deep understanding that, in this sector, has the family ROLLO co-founder of the Company.


In fact, efficiency and professional activity and quality, connected with a remarkable market application, have allowed the company’s swift growth in the specific field of elastomers.

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

The specific activity is concretized, as is clear from the object social "in the processing of rubber", in the design and production of compounds third account, with particular reference to compounds for injection molding and compression.

Moreover “RGM” is in position to satisfy adequately and in short time, every particular cooperating request of his acquired or potential customers.

RGM  S.r.l. makes use:

  • of the collaboration of highly qualified staff and professional;
  • of installations and equipments of adequate functionality and of significant productivity;
  • of an efficient Laboratory Technological Research and Quality Control can respond in accordance with the specifications required by the customer.

RGM Production

RGM Production - ERRE. G.M. srl

 Our production is divided in a wide variety of black and colored compounds for molding, both injection, both by compression, of any technical article, intended for the most varied sectors of the market.


Our main compounds, always available in various hardnesses, are listed below:

Nitrile rubber

Thermopolymer (EPDM)

Natural rubber

Chloroprene rubber

Styrene rubber

Polyacrylic rubber

Colored compounds

Other on requests

and they are treated with active ingredients such as fillers, protective agents, plasticizers and vulcanizing.

Cards Compounds to base of Elastomers

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

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