Certifications Code of Ethics & Sustainability

Certifications Code of Ethics & Sustainability - ERRE. G.M. srl

 RGM  S.r.l. has the honour to bring to your attention that the Company has recently achieved the prestigious certification ISO 9001 number QMS1014003995 issued by the German certification body UNIVERSAL AG,


accredited by the DAKKS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH.

You attach the link to UNIVERSAL AG website and QR Code where you will be able to view the certificate in question by entering the Certificate number and initials of our Company:

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

For these reasons, the Company shall provides, in support of this, a certificate of ISO 9001.


The above is in accordance with the modus operandi adopted within our Company, dedicated to the meticulous care of our customers and the research and development of products offered to them always reaching the objectives that we are asked to meet with high standards, transparency and corporate know-how.


For RGM, the achievement of System Certification Quality Management will result in providing customers greater assurance and quality on the Products and Processes offered.  Our aim is to raise the customer satisfaction by offering a more competitive service through the use of procedures and instructions based on the principles of efficiency.  This includes:

• Immediate management of reports and complaints through preventive and corrective actions;

• Evaluation of customer satisfaction by using direct and indirect methods.


Finally, let us stress that a new era has started where the targeted results will only be the beginning of a growing awareness and appreciation of the professionalism and superior quality acquiring a growing credibility and customer loyalty, inputting into future business objectives concretely feasible the evolutionary concept of "Sustainable Development".

 - ERRE. G.M. srl

Certification ISO 9001:2015

Certification ISO 9001:2015 - ERRE. G.M. srl